Bogotá, the capital of Colombia, located in the center of the country on a vast plain at 2,66 meters above sea level and with a moderate temperature has a poulation of eight million people from all corners of Colombia; a city as diverse as the entire country. Declared World Book Capital by UNESCO and Iberoamerican Capital of Culture by the UCCI, Bogotá has become one of the most important cities of the continent, with public spaces such as plazas, streets and modern avenues. Its mass Transit System is considered one of the most important in Latin America and a model for transportation systems in the country and the continent. The city has the world's largest bicycling network - the ciclovía, which covers close to 300 kilometers.

Bogotá has a varied nightlife offering domestic and foreign tourist alike different options and styles; a permament cultural agenda that is reflected in its more than 60 museums and art galleries; the most famouse Rock Festival of the continent and the most important theater festival in the world, the Iberoamerican Theater Festval; 20 religious temples that are part of its heritage; 4500 parks; close to 50 shopping malls and outlets where visitors can purchase the latest fashion and creations by haute coulture Colombian designers.